"The best and smartest interview I've done this season - thank you ladies!"

Leslie Zemeckis, Actress and award-winning director, producer and screen-writer

"Without a doubt this was one of the best interviews that (award-winning actress/producer) Kristin West, or any of my clients have EVER done!!  What an honor to have one of my clients on this great show!!!"
Matt Chassin, Matt's Marketing Public Relations and Management Services 

"When I was a guest on What Women Want Talk Radio, the time flew by during our show. Judy makes the show fun and inspiring, but still educational so every listener can benefit from the vast array of topics." 
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO, GLAMSQUAD; Co-Founder, Gilt

"​Judy Goss nailed it with a show like What Women Want by creating a place where women (and men!) can learn about topics ranging from business to spirituality. She makes every subject on the show fun and approachable, and I had a lot of fun talking to her and her listeners about how important the reality of creating an impactful first impression is."
​Sylvie DiGiusto, Founder of Executive Image Consulting

"I wasn't able to listen to you live last night, so listening to the recording.  Let me use my words to describe the show "WOW", "INSPIRING", "EDUCATIONAL".
Jill Morgan-Meek, founder of Big Thinkers

"Judy Goss is one of the strongest advocates for the empowerment of women that I know of.  Her genuine curiosity for the story behind the person, desire to empower others and ability to connect on a deep level, in and of itself is inspiration!  Judy ignites the world one soul at a time through her endeavors."
​Pamella Horton,Chief Relationship Officer & Joint Venture Specialist at www.mavensconnections.com

"I had an amazing time and really enjoyed your show style and your interview flow. I have been getting emails and phone calls from colleagues as well as potential clients ever since and hope to work with you again in the future!"​Matthew Aversa, CEO, TwentyOnePr.com
"Judy is such a great host! It feels like you are talking with your girlfriend in the kitchen - she knows what women want and she delivers!
Cary Carbonaro, bestselling author of "The Money Queen's Guide"

"If you’re here, then you obviously crave knowledge and understanding. These are the foundations of Judy’s talent – to get to the heart of the issue, not the “marketing message” but the real substance and meaning. More important, she knows how to deliver her message with a warm, personal, engaging style that keeps her fresh and entertaining show after show after show. If you’re a seeker of truth, well, congratulations! You’ve found it!" 
Dennis Neder, bestselling author, entrepreneur, host​​

​"I've had the honor and privilege of being a two time guest on What Women Want radio. I've been interviewed on many radio shows and podcasts and Judy is by far one of my favorite hosts. She asks insightful, thought provoking questions aimed at providing real value to her audience and creates a warm open atmosphere that makes it easy for guests to be themselves. I love that by creating genuine and relevant dialogue with women, What Women Want, is helping its audience gain both information and inspiration. Looking forward to a threepeat!"
Robyn Hatcher, Speaker, Coach, Author, CEO SpeakEtc.
"What Women Want inspires listeners with real-life stories of both triumph and adversity, and you certainly don't need to be a woman to benefit from the show's truth and wisdom."
Ted Scofield, bestselling author of "Eat What You Kill"

"I listened to several of your shows and was impressed by how engaged you were and that it was NOT about YOU...your graciousness seemed natural and genuine." 
Pegi Burdick, The Financial Whisperer

"Many may think the title of the show “What Women Want” narrows the opportunity of guests and topics that can be discussed during Judy’s hour program, but it is quite the contrary. As a male guest I have always been well received and have had a great response from her listeners. Thank you Judy for having a passionate heart for what you do and for opening your program to a vast array of topics. God Bless."
Pastor Bill Jenkins, Church of Acts